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    I had a longer post on my blog about this, but long story short there have been plenty good reasons for losing to Wake and the past. The fact that those reasons always converge on Wake’s game day is just pure, damn luck. This year, you can’t expect too much of a difference in success from O’Brien because this is still an O’Brien time by leaps and bounds (Pete Thomas included). If anything “makes us who we are” it has been 2 decades of administration that cared less about athletic success than they cared about budgets and reputation. Yow started pushing that needle in the other direction with several non-revenue hires and Gottfried, but Doeren is brand spanking new. We are going to continue to lose inexplicably like this for a while longer, but it’s not because “that’s who we are”; it’s because that’s who 20 years of piss-poor administration (starting with Tar Heel Turner) made us.


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